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Knowledge, Integrity, and Common Sense

We practice the art of financial planning

Why Liberty Financial Group, Inc.?

Want a fee-only, fiduciary advisor that listens and truly cares about what is important to you?

Want your assets managed individually, rather than in a boiler-plate model?

Since 1981, we have been putting clients first. As a fee-only planning firm we are paid by our clients only. We sell no products and accept no commissions, referral fees, or outside compensations. Operating under the fiduciary standard we provide pure, financial planning and investment recommendations in the best interest of our clients. We charge for our time, planning advice, and portfolio management only. As a result, our Liberty Financial Group team serves as your personal guide, leading you to achieve your aspirations with integrity, knowledge, and common sense.

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Our Services to Help You Reach Your Goals Include:

  • Cash-flow expense planning
  • A second opinion on financial investment planning
  • Estate planning
  • Long-range and life-style planning
  • Ongoing asset & investment management
  • Retirement planning strategies
  • Analysis of insurance needs
  • Advice on employee stock options
  • College funding strategies
  • Lump-sum distribution advice

For many people, retirement is one of life’s biggest transitions. Some have prepared well, but others are way behind because time goes by and they never seem to get around to it. Whether you are already retired and need to firm up your plan or still working and need to get started, the Liberty team is ready to be your guide to success.

Besides your vision of retirement, planning retirement must take into account many pieces of the puzzle that make up your life.

Among them, we consider:

  • Your age, health & life expectancy
  • Your spending habits (wants vs. needs)
  • Your savings/investment accumulation
  • Your family & estate plan
  • Your bucket list

Our goal at Liberty is to work with you to figure out how to help you achieve the retirement you envision, so the rest of your life is fulfilling and as worry free as it can be.

We'll help you decide things like:

  • Are you counting the days to retirement or will they have to throw you out?
  • What do you expect from retirement? Is it like your parents? What is your vision?
  • Do you have any hobbies or outside interests? What are you retiring to?
  • Do you plan to retire “cold turkey”, or phase into retirement?
  • Do you worry about if you have enough money to last as long as you do?
  • Do you know the best age at which you should take Social Security?
  • Do you know when to tap the various resources you have accumulated, e.g.. IRAs, annuities, etc.
  • What are you most looking forward to?
  • What are you most concerned about?

Give us a call to set up an initial, free consultation to see if we are a good fit to help you achieve the retirement you hope for whether it has already started or is in the future.

Financial planning is more than managing your money; it’s also managing your life. It’s about the “how” and “when” of achieving your dreams and goals. Going beyond investment advice and portfolio management, we strive to understand what is truly important to you and then build a financial plan around that.

We fuse life + financial planning together to create the most effective plan. Together we:

  • Identify your priorities
  • Take a look at your income & assets, investments, expenses & debts
  • Prepare for life’s roadblocks, transitions and determine your financial risk
  • Develop your plan & outline steps and timeframes
  • Crystallize choices
  • Update your plan regularly to adjust to your changing needs and goals

There is no “one size fits all” roadmap to success. Everyone’s plan is unique. You need a plan that is just for you, designed with your uniqueness in mind. And you need someone in your corner who knows you to help you stay on track.

Everyone has dreams and goals and often it takes baby steps to eventually accomplish big things. Knowing what steps to take and when to take them is often the problem when it comes to properly managing your finances. By focusing on the life you really desire and guiding your saving and spending toward those goals, we can help you address your concerns in a more productive way.

Every choice you make affects your finances. Where you live, if and who you marry or don’t, your career choice, how many children or pets you have, how you spend or save, what you invest in…all have an impact both short and long term on your life plan. Let us help you prepare for and make those decisions with confidence.

  • When an obstacle or a roadblock comes along, are you prepared? That’s where flexibility and thinking through optional ways to deal with it comes in. They are all part of the plan we work together.

  • What about life’s inevitable transitions? The journey from one stage of life to another is something we all experience, childhood to adult, career to retirement, full house to empty nest. Losses are the toughest: loss of a loved one, loss of health, loss of independence. Yet many transitions are joyful: birth of a child, a promotion.

Financial Life Planning puts you in charge of your future. Let’s work together on getting where you want to be!

Would you rather do something else with your time than manage your investments?

We are investors not traders. We manage investments in a diversified manner with a total portfolio approach, incorporating all your assets, including real estate, business, employer plans and personal assets, like slices in a pie.

Our clients are looking for balance; someone to step into their shoes and invest the way they would if they had the time, the interest and the knowledge. It is our goal to help you understand, feel secure, confident, and capable every step of our path together.

We take into account where you are, where you want to be and how fast you want/need to get there.

First we determine your needs and objectives:

  • Do you need income now or later?
  • What are your specific investment goals?
  • What is your investment history and/or experience?
  • How well do you tolerate volatility or instability?
  • Are there to be any restrictions?

Next we design a strategy to establish the slices of your “pie”:

  • We set the direction you wish to take your manageable assets
  • Balance your illiquid assets with manageable assets in a diversified manner


Together we update your plan regularly to adjust to your changing needs and goals. On a monthly basis we track the current estimate of our holdings. We have a system that enables us to more consistently “buy low and sell high” and helps to override natural human emotion.

Knowledge for your journey

What are manageable assets? Cash, stocks, bonds and other investments.
What are liquid assets? Assets that are hard to convert into cash or are lacking cash. e.g. Real Estate, Business, etc.
What are investment restrictions? Things you would never buy or sell.

A Diversified Approach with a Value Tilt:

Using our value oriented approach, we diversify by the three categories, stock, bond, and cash, as well as, by asset class and/or sector. We further diversify by active and passive type and equity style of growth and value. This diversification is done to reduce investment correlation.

We then measure this approach against a composite benchmark similar to your projected risk level. The broad approach utilizes a core and satellite structure and emphasizes liquid investments.

Downside Protection:

As the markets have become more volatile, we will use vehicles that protect us for this exposure primarily using mutual funds and ETFs. To balance that volatility, we use vehicles that utilize long-short, merger arbitrage, managed futures, commodity, currency, and tactical asset allocation strategies.

These are predominately satellite positions designed to cushion the portfolio in highly correlated down markets. Since we believe no one can accurately time the markets, we will stay as fully invested as possible based on the availability of reasonably priced securities.

Call our team for a free consultation to see if our strategy fits your needs

Taxes can’t be avoided, but planning helps to lessen the tax bite wherever possible so you keep more of your income and investment earnings. Coordinating tax planning with investment management and tax preparation provides the opportunity to make decisions about savings plans, investment allocation, holding periods, fringe benefits and more.

At Liberty Financial Group, tax planning is a major part of life planning and is not put off to the side. We look at taxes as a piece in your “life plan” puzzle. Each piece affects all the other pieces, your investments, cash flow, insurance planning, estate planning, college planning, etc. But we don’t let the tax tail wag the dog either!

Our team has decades of experience and analyzes all aspects of your situation and works with you to use the tax code to your advantage. Tax laws and their interpretation change regularly, so we keep up to date on the changes and their effect on you now and in the future.

Tax preparation: This service is offered, but not required, and allows us first hand to closely understand your complete return. We also work closely with your own preparer, if you so choose and use those returns to enhance our planning for you.

As you can see, we can handle all aspects of your finances at Liberty Financial Group and give you the best opportunity to be prepared for the now and tomorrow.




Find out Liberty Financial Group's vision and mission to help you throughout your financial journey.

Meet the team of LFG, that's working with you.

Tom Wargin, CFP®, CFA Photo

Tom Wargin, CFP®, CFA

Financial Planner & Portfolio Manager
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Tom Wargin, CFP®, CFA

Tom Wargin, CFP®, CFA

Financial Planner & Portfolio Manager

Tom Wargin, President and current shareholder, is one of the founders of Liberty Financial Group, Inc. He carries the designation of Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards in Denver. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designee and maintains his insurance license for consulting purposes.


As a registered investment advisor (RIA) representative and portfolio manager, Tom currently manages funds for over 160 clients. He uses a value oriented, contrarian approach coordinated with the client’s risk tolerance and financial goals in a simple, common sense style.

Tom is a member of the CFA Institute and an active member of the Financial Planning Association. He has been quoted in financial planning and investment columns in local as well as national publications. He was named one of Milwaukee Magazine’s FIVE STAR Best In Client Satisfaction Wealth Managers.

Tom lives in Milwaukee with his wife, Judy and enjoys maintaining his old house and dabbling in woodworking projects. They have four grown sons and two grandsons.

June A. Schroeder, CFP® Photo

June A. Schroeder, CFP®

Financial Planner
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June A. Schroeder, CFP®

June A. Schroeder, CFP®

Financial Planner

June Schroeder is one of the founders of LFGWI. She carries the designation of Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards in Denver. She is also an RN having received her degree from UW-Milwaukee and served as Director of Economic Security for the Wisconsin Nurses Association. These credentials make her uniquely qualified for her role as a registered investment advisor (RIA) representative and as a guide to assist clients in making choices to promote their financial security.


June was among the 7% of wealth managers in the Milwaukee area to be named a FIVE STAR Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager in a Milwaukee Magazine survey.

Her articles have appeared in local publications, including Nursingmatters, as well as for online sites CNBC.com and www.Agingcare.com, which is an online community for caregivers. She taught courses and lectured nationally on financial planning for universities, colleges and organizations. Her favorite topic is “How To Avoid Becoming A Bag Lady.” June has been a regular guest on local radio and TV shows. She hosted her own radio show for five years, “Today’s Woman Your Money and Your Life”, focusing on making wise choices in all aspects of life to achieve financial security. Her writing, teaching and media appearances multiply her efforts to promote financial health and literacy.

June is an active member of the Financial Planning Association as well as a number of business and professional women’s groups, sings in her church choir, and is a member of the cast of West Bend Children’s Theater.

She lives with her husband, Michael McCormick, an army pilot turned computer nerd, and her dogs and cats in West Bend, WI.

Shannon Nook, RP®  Photo

Shannon Nook, RP®

Vice President of Operations
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Shannon Nook, RP®

Shannon Nook, RP®

Vice President of Operations

Her experience and longevity with LFG began in 1995, including many years of experience in almost every aspect of financial planning, investment management and proud principal of Liberty Financial Group, Inc since May of 2015.

Shannon started working for LFG as a part-time administrative assistant in February of 1995. She was promoted to full-time Portfolio Manager Assistant, Director of Operations and now VP of Operations. She received her certification as a Registered Paraplanner SM from the College for Financial Planning in 2007, graduated with B.S. in Financial Services in May 2014, and is currently pursuing her CFP(R) designation. Her most recent, as well as one of her biggest accomplishments is becoming a shareholder of LFG!

Her organizational skills make her an integral part of our company, meeting with clients and attending weekly Team Meetings she keeps us connected and helps brainstorm client’s issues. She also attends our monthly Investment Committee meetings which keep us focused on our client’s investments and the changing markets.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Shannon lives with her husband Ken, and enjoys spending time with her adult sons Jaydon & Jacob. She also enjoys traveling, art (she is the founder of our Featured Artist Program), actively playing sports, and a day at the beach.

David Wargin Photo

David Wargin

Vice President of Research
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David Wargin

David Wargin

Vice President of Technology Research

David is the Portfolio Manager’s assistant on our Liberty team. He assists Tom and Shannon with quarterly reports, inputs investment price data, and sends out our investment bulletins. As such, he is an integral part of our investment committee.
David participates in our weekly Team Meetings and also helps maintain client files, update net worth and cash flow statements, and handle client phone inquiries.
He is making financial services his career and is soaking up knowledge about the financial world from his father, Tom Wargin, and the rest of our Liberty team. Therefore, he is pursuing his B.S. in Financial Services and his CFP(R) designation. He recently accomplished becoming a shareholder of LFG!
He enjoys, reading (fiction and non-fiction), sports, history, cooking and traveling.
Kirk Hackbarth, CFP®, CPA/PFS, MS Photo

Kirk Hackbarth, CFP®, CPA/PFS, MS

Director of Investments and Financial Planning
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Kirk Hackbarth, CFP®, CPA/PFS, MS

Kirk Hackbarth, CFP®, CPA/PFS, MS

Director of Investments and Financial Planning

Kirk Hackbarth is a financial advisor for Liberty Financial Group and serves as the firm’s Director of Investments and Financial Planning. He has more than 30 years’ of experience in the financial services industry.

Kirk is responsible for a variety of duties including investment research, portfolio management, tax planning, and writing articles on various industry topics. He has contributed to articles for Fortune Magazine, Smart Money Magazine, and the Wisconsin Law Journal.

He routinely meets with clients, advisors, portfolio managers, and planners to determine and coordinate effective planning, investment, and tax strategies. He advises clients on numerous financial strategies in order to develop a unique plan to help them accumulate, maintain, and preserve their wealth. 

Kirk holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in accounting, both from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He is also a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Personal Financial Specialist (PFS).

He lives in Burlington with his wife Sue and their three children, Sara, Anna and Kyle. Kirk enjoys spending time with his family, sports, fishing, travel and the outdoors.

Jessica Schenzel Photo

Jessica Schenzel

Client Service Specialist
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Jessica Schenzel

Jessica Schenzel

Client Service Specialist

Jessica joined us in January of 2012 and came with several years executive support experience.  In her role of Client Service Specialist she enjoys serving as a client liaison, working in unison with clients and financial advisors to ensure clients have a great experience. Jessica also provides administrative support in the firm’s daily operations by performing research work, data management and reconciliation, archiving records and attending to client paperwork.

Richard Mikula Photo

Richard Mikula

CFP®, Registered Tax Return Preparer
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Richard Mikula

Richard Mikula

CFP®, Registered Tax Return Preparer

Richard carries the designation of Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) from the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards in Denver and also passed the Registered Tax Return Preparer Exam. He currently works with Liberty Financial Group to provide seasonal, part-time tax preparation and consultations.
Richard retired from a successful forty-year career at ATI Ladish LLC. During that time, he also worked five tax seasons part-time at H&R Block. In 2007 he embarked on a second career, becoming a member of the LFG team.
He enjoys being an active community volunteer. Richard has been a long-time volunteer for the “Make a Difference Program” teaching courses about basic financial knowledge to students at various local high schools in the Milwaukee area. He has also volunteered at the Bradley Center to raise funds for his local church. In addition, he enjoys reading, golfing, biking and spending quality time with his family.
Breanna Mitchell Photo

Breanna Mitchell

Read Bio
Breanna Mitchell

Breanna Mitchell


Breanna joined our team in December 2015 to fill our intern position. Her duties include writing meeting notes, scanning and coding documents, entering investment price data (proxies and share values), answering the phone, scanning tax documents during tax season, and special projects, like creating invitations for events and working on other creative projects. She helps keep everyone on track and organized.

Breanna was born and grew up in Milwaukee. She’s currently going to school at MATC for Business Management and loves the flexibility that we offer with her school schedule. She enjoys reading, painting, spending time with friends and going to concerts.




Our Goal is to help you feel safe, confident, and capable every step of our journey together. To accomplish this we’ve developed two main working relationships. An ongoing advisory agreement, entitled to ongoing financial reviews, quarterly summary reports, & specifications below. The second relationship is on a retainer basis, entitled to pre-paid financial planning reviews and the services below. 


Your Goals and Objectives May Include:

  • Creating and preserving personal wealth
  • Protection against inflation
  • Maximizing wealth transfer
  • Reducing tax burdens
  • Increasing your peace of mind
  • Securing retirement income
  • Minimizing the risk of financial catastrophe
  • Providing for a child’s education
  • Establishing charitable legacies


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