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Welcome to our financial blog! Check back regularly for the latest financial news, market updates, Wisconsin community news, and more!

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What the ABC? A Guide to Understanding Financial Acronyms

In the wide world of finance, there are many terms and strange words you need to know. To make matters worse, they often turn these complicated words into acronyms that leave most scratching their head. Deciphering them is definitely not as easy as ABC. To help prepare you for your next financial conversation, below I’ve listed out a few financial acronyms and their meaning.

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The stock market has scorched upward in the first six months of this year. Here's a market recap of what's happened and what's coming next! Stay tuned.

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Essentially Caring From Afar

Caring for a loved one can be difficult, but doing so from thousand of miles away adds extra complexities. I took some key concepts from the book to define some “essentially caring” items to help myself. Perhaps they will help you to feel better prepared should you become a caregiver or part of a support team to a grandparent, parent, close friend or neighbor or even for yourself.

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Five Trends That Will Redefine Retirement

Life is a continuum—an accumulation of experiences that shape how we view ourselves, our families, and our world. And, when we reflect on these experiences, we come to realize that our lives have been and will be permeated by change. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on demographic, societal, workplace, and economic trends that will present both challenges and opportunities in the years ahead. In particular, here are five “life-changing” developments that are driving a fundamental shift in the way everyone should view and prepare for retirement!

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5 Easy Ways to Teach a Young Child about Money Matters!

Money is an integral part of society, yet there is very little curriculum covering most of it in schools. Instead it adds yet another item to a parent’s plate to teach their kids. While you may feel you are not the best one to be teaching your child about finance, trust me, you can show them simple lessons that will impact their lives forever. Below I’ve laid out five simple ideas to help shape your child’s mindset around money.