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Welcome to our financial blog! Check back regularly for the latest financial news, market updates, Wisconsin community news, and more!

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Tax Planning Ideas for 2018

Even though 2017 tax returns were just recently filed, it’s never too early to start planning for the current year. 2018 is even more challenging in light of the largest tax overhaul in three decades. Since each taxpayer’s personal situation is different, the recommendations presented are designed to be general in nature. Here’s a few tax planning ideas that may work for you.

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Notes From Elm Grove - March 2018

This month's update comes from Liberty Financial Group, Inc. team member, June Ann Schroeder RN, CFP.® Important updates regarding tax season, credit card signatures and Elm Grove, Wisconsin community happenings including Therapy Dog Emeritus!

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Market Update - 2nd Quarter 2017

An improving global growth environment has supported the outlook for corporate profits and higher stock prices around the world. U.S. stock prices in particular reflect a lot of good news; therefore, valuations area bit stretched.